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At her office in Midtown West Manhattan, NY, Dr. Dele-Michael uses advanced techniques to assess moles and remove them so they can be evaluated for signs of cancer.

Mole Removal

How is a mole removed?

Moles are usually removed using one of three approaches:

  • cautery, which uses an electrical current to burn off the top layers of the mole (this is typically reserved for smaller moles or skin tags);

  • freezing with liquid nitrogen to kill the mole tissue;

  • removal with a scalpel; depending on the depth of the mole, the wound may require stitches.

An anesthetic may be used ahead of time to eliminate discomfort. When Dr. Dele-Michael suspects cancer, a biopsy may be taken first for evaluation or the mole may be removed and sent for evaluation.

Can I remove moles myself at home?

Removing a mole on your own is not a good idea. First, some moles can be cancerous, and the only way to know if a mole contains cancer cells is to have it removed by a doctor so it can be evaluated in a lab. And second, home removal methods can result in significant bleeding, scarring and infection which, left untreated, can spread to other areas of your body. Having a mole removed by a doctor is a simple, quick procedure, and you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing it will be checked for possible cancer cells.

What is Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is a procedure used to remove moles and other lesions that are suspected of being cancerous or that have tested positive for the presence of cancer cells during a skin biopsy. During Mohs surgery, the tissue that's removed is examined right away under a microscope. If the edges contain cancer cells, more tissue is removed in that area and checked again. Once all the edges of the removed tissue show no cancer cells are present, the wound is closed. The technique ensures all the cancerous cells are removed while also resulting in the smallest possible scar.

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