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Adebola Dele-Michael, MD

Dermatologist located in Central Park South, New York, NY

Adebola Dele-Michael, MD offers her services to patients throughout the New York area, including those who live in the New York City Midtown area. The doctor specializes in the use of many different cosmetic devices, including CoolSculpting®?


What are the Benefits of CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® offers many benefits to individuals who need to lose the last few pounds after a major weight loss. It also works well for individuals who are looking to define and contour certain areas of the body that tend to build fat deposits. The hips, abdomen, thighs, and lower back are common places where fat can collect. The procedure is non-invasive and produces few side effects. Initial results can be seen in as little as eight weeks. Final results will become apparent in approximately three to four months. The best part about this type of procedure is the results are permanent. Once the fat is gone, it does not return.

How Long Does a CoolSculpting® Treatment Last?

CoolSculpting® procedures produce long-term results. During the procedure, the fat cells are treated with cool temperatures to effectively damage them without injuring tissues in the surrounding area. As the temperatures decrease, the cells begin to deteriorate. Once the cells die they are broken down so the body's immune system can effectively dispose of them through the lymphatic system. This process takes time. Initial results will appear within the first two months. By the end of three months, the final results will be noticeable. As long as the patient maintains a healthy weight and lives a healthy lifestyle, the results of the procedure will continue to last.

What are the Side Effects?

CoolSculpting® procedures offer very few side effects. As a non-invasive procedure, CoolSculpting® poses minimal risk of infection. Slight bruising may be present for the first few days. Near the treatment site, redness, numbness, slight tingling, and tenderness to the touch are all possible. Because of the intensity of energy sent into the tissues, mild swelling may also be present for a short period of time. Most side effects that accompany this type of procedure will last a short period of time. Any side effects that appear due to a laser procedure should be immediately reported to the doctor who performed the procedure.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept all major insurance plans. Fianancing is available. If you have any questions, please contact our office. We are happy to assist!

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